Welcome to Lake Stevens Honey Farm

About Us

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Lake Stevens, Washington, Lake Stevens Honey Farm is a fourth-generation family beekeeping business with a legacy that spans over 14 years. What started as a childhood hobby for Aleksandr has blossomed into a thriving enterprise committed to providing local, all-natural honey.

Our Journey

Lake Stevens Honey Farm is more than a local honey producer; it's a journey through diverse blossoms and ecosystems. Our bees travel with us to different locations, capturing the unique flavors of each region. From the picturesque orchards of Washington to the sun-kissed almond groves of California, we ensure that every jar tells a story of the blossoms it originates from.

Our Commitment

Beyond honey production, we play a vital role in pollination services for California's almond orchards. This commitment reflects our belief in the symbiotic relationship between bees and the environment.

Online Expansion

In our pursuit of sharing the sweetness, we've expanded our horizons by launching our online platform this year. Now, you can experience the pure, local flavors of Lake Stevens Honey Farm no matter where you are.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is simple yet profound: to provide you and your loved ones with local, raw honey. In a world filled with options, we prioritize your health and well-being. Each spoonful of our honey is a piece of nature's goodness, ensuring a touch of Lake Stevens in every jar.

Join Our Journey

As stewards of tradition and innovation, we invite you to join us on this sweet journey. Support the magic of beekeeping, savor the honey that brings a piece of Lake Stevens to your table, and experience the flavors of our local landscapes.

Here's to keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy with the purest gift from our bees to your home. 🐝🍯