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We offer a variety of products and they are perfect for any age and any gender. Weather its our Raw Honey for your coffee/tea or a beeswax candle for the natural honey aroma in your room.

Beeline Is...

Raw Honey Straight From The Hive

When we say All-Natural, we meant it! All of our honey is Natural, Raw, Unfiltered, and Unpasteurized. Straight from the hive and to the jar. To learn more about our extraction process follow the link below

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  • Aleksandr Dutov

    Aleksandr is the founder of Beeline Organic here in Washington in 2011. Aleksandr is the owner of the business, operates and manages the field operation, honey harvest, honey extraction, and honey bottling process. Also teaching us all about beekeeping.

  • Inna Dutova

    Inna is the co-founder of Beeline Organic. Inna is the owner of the business and runs all the online and home store sales, crafts the beautiful beeswax candles we sell, and warehouse logistics.