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Beeline Organic Honey

Berry Blossom Raw Honey 1 Gallon Bucket

Berry Blossom Raw Honey 1 Gallon Bucket

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🍯 Introducing our Berry Blossom Raw Honey – a sweet symphony crafted by nature and harvested from the lush fields of Bellingham, Washington. This delightful honey is a local favorite, created by our industrious 🐝 who tirelessly pollinate acres of Blueberry and Raspberry fields, capturing the essence of the Pacific Northwest in every jar.

As with all our honeys, Berry Blossom is purely natural and unpasteurized, ensuring that you experience the unadulterated richness of this liquid gold. The unique sweet taste of this honey is a testament to the diverse blossoms that our bees diligently collect nectar from. 🌸

Over time, you may notice a natural crystallization occurring in the honey. Fear not, as this is a sign of its purity. Despite the change in texture, Berry Blossom Raw Honey maintains its sweet taste and nutritional benefits. Embrace the velvety texture and savor the authentic flavors of the Pacific Northwest in every spoonful. 🌲

Indulge your taste buds and support local beekeeping with Berry Blossom Raw Honey – a jar of sweetness, straight from the heart of Bellingham, Washington. Experience the unique blend of Blueberry and Raspberry fields in each crystallized yet delectable spoonful. πŸ‡

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jamil Alston

This honey is so amazing and delicious. Our family loves everything about it.

Ravens Hollow Homestead

Wonderful flavor. Highly recommend.

Micah Moore
LOVE this honey!

Truly the best honey I have ever had!

Enrique Ramirez
Great product

Opened our bucket today and can tell you this is amazing honey. Great quality. Definitely will buy it again.