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Beeline Organic Honey

Wild Blossom Raw Honey Jar 16oz.

Wild Blossom Raw Honey Jar 16oz.

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🍯 Indulge in the untamed sweetness of our Wild Blossom Raw Honey, a pure delight crafted by nature and sourced locally in the heart of Granite Falls. As with all our honey, it's all-natural and unpasteurized, ensuring you experience the true essence of this liquid gold.

πŸ”οΈ Our bees, the unsung heroes of the mountains, pollinate thousands of wildflowers in the local mountains of Granite Falls. This unique honey boasts a sweet yet slightly bitter taste, capturing the diverse flavors of Fireweed, Knotweed, Wild Blackberry, and Lavender that grace the untamed landscapes.

Over time, the honey naturally crystallizes, a testament to its authenticity. Fear not, for Wild Blossom Raw Honey maintains its unique taste and nutritional benefits even in its crystallized form. Embrace the velvety texture and savor the wild and wonderful flavors of the local mountains with every spoonful.

🌿 Immerse yourself in the richness of nature and support local beekeeping with Wild Blossom Raw Honey – a jar of untamed sweetness that brings the mountains of Granite Falls to your table. Experience the harmonious blend of Fireweed, Knotweed, Wild Blackberry, and Lavender in each crystallized yet flavorful spoonful.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Honey

Great honey, well packaged and delivered fast!
Thank You,

Lauren Stenson
Great honey!

Great quality honey we love your products. My only complaint is the citrus honey isn’t local which is disappointing.

Inna Dutova
Great Taste

I got a subscription for this honey and have been getting it for awhile now and I do not regret everytimeit shows up at my doorstep. It is quite the flavor and I use it in everything instead of sugar. Thank you Beeline Organic!